Condolences to Jo Cox's family and friends

After the horrific murder of Jo Cox MP on Thursday 16 June, we invited the public to leave messages of condolence, support and solidarity to Jo's family and friends. Here are just a few of the messages we've received so far. Sign our condolence book

I am a new member of the party & joined because of the tireless commitment shown by women like Jo Cox. As a mother and 42yr old woman myself I cannot begin to know the depth this loss will bring to Jo's family. I offer my sincere condolences and support for them all during this time. I take Jo's husband's words literally and stand in solidarity for democracy and the continued good work that Jo stood for. - Hannah 

Heartfelt condolences to Jo's family and friends. We can never understand such senseless actions and such hate. I, and many others, take inspiration and reassurance in Jo's work and everything she stood for. I wish you all the strength and support in the coming days, weeks, years. x - Sarah

Jo, didn't know you, but seeing your political life for democratic values, cruelly cut short in your own backyard, as a constituency MP carrying out your work, you were always on the frontline, both at home in your local parish, and for a wider set of international values in your campaign for Syrian refugees and asylum children. You had a vision and a no-nonsense purpose, spoke straight and acted with moral dignity. I'll not forget. - John 

Your wonderful life and work is your wonderful legacy. We are so thankful that you chose to work in the Labour Movement Jo and we are the richer for it. All love and thanks. - Sandra 

Deepest sympathy to Brendan and children. What a loss to our movement, Jo was a truly admirable person. We must all try harder to put Jo's ideals into practice in our own lives. I'm thinking of the people of Birstall today, my Father's home town and where I still have relatives, they must be so grief stricken, people were so proud to have Jo as their MP. - Liz 

Jo. I never knew you, but nor will I ever forget you. Throughout your remarkable life you worked tirelessly to enrich the lives of the people you met. You knew that each of us lives through the people around us and so in turn will  you live on, through the very same people you helped across the world. I can think of nothing more fitting. - Rob

I am truly heartbroken for your loss. Jo did not deserve to die, not even for a second. She was an amazing woman who I am sure I will tell my children about, and decades will remember her as a woman who stood up for what she believed in. I'm sure you hurting beyond belief and the pain must be indescribable, but the entire world is feeling it with you. We must defend the world from future hatred, and make sure not a single other family endures this trauma again. - Emmie

I've never felt such grief and sadness over the death of a person I did not know, I think that is testament to the love the locals in Birstall felt for Jo, I truly wish that I'd had the pleasure and honour to meet you before you were cruelly taken. My thoughts and prayers are with Brendan and the two children for who tragically, their mum will never return home from work. My thoughts are also with those who knew her and felt her love. Rest In Peace Jo Cox. Such a tragedy. - Jack 

What an inspiring woman. Thank you for everything you fought for, I'll do my best to continue your work for solidarity and human rights, against hate. My deepest condolences to Jo Cox's family. - Mari 

I had not known of Jo Cox but have been so deeply touched and moved by everything I've seen and heard since yesterday's tragic events. Truly a remarkable woman whose loss is heartbreaking for so many reasons but above all of course for her husband and young children. Her husband's statement was so noble and  powerful and a fitting tribute to which I can add nothing.  God rest you Jo. - Eugene 

I'm so very sorry for your loss. I can't put into words how much Jo's death has affected me but she will never be forgotten. RIP you fantastic woman. - Nicola 

It seems she was killed in hatred. Let her memory encourage us all not to hate but to tolerate, even those with whom we deeply disagree. - Lindsay 

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Condolences to Jo Cox's family and friends