Labour's better plan for education

Today we’re launching our education manifesto. What will a Labour government do for young people in Britain?

Here are the seven things you need to know:

1) We’ll protect the entire education budget
We must invest in education if all young people are to have the chance to succeed. We’ll ensure the whole budget - including early years, schools and post-16 education and skills - is protected.

2) We’ll restore the role of Sure Start
There are now 763 fewer Sure Start centres than when David Cameron took office. We’ll put Sure Start Centres back at the centre of communities and obliged them to provide childcare.

3) We’ll deliver smaller class sizes
The Tories have spent millions on their wasteful Free Schools programme. We’ll put that money to better use to deliver smaller class sizes for five, six and seven-year olds to give children the best start.

4) We’ll tackle failing schools
The standard of education a child gets still depends on where they live. We’ll change that. We’ll create new Directors of School Standards to support local schools to improve and respond to the concerns of parents.

5) We’ll make sure our children are taught by qualified teachers
David Cameron scrapped the requirement for teachers to be qualified. That can’t be right. We’ll require all teachers to get qualified and build their skills throughout their careers.

6) We’ll build a gold-standard vocational route through education
For decades, governments have ignored the 50 per cent of young people not going to university. We’ll change that with a gold-standard Technical Baccalaureate and an apprenticeship for every school leaver who gets the grades.

7) We’ll guarantee all young people face-to-face careers advice
Young people who haven’t got the connections or the guidance to make the right choices are missing out. We’ll guarantee all young people face-to-face careers advice and support young people from school to work.

You’re our secret weapon

Where the Tories have a small circle of big-money backers, Labour is built on small donations from hundreds of thousands of party members and voters. We have more people than them, but big money talks — and the reality is, if we can’t match the funds they’re getting from their millionaire donors, the Tories will be able to buy the next election.

So — if you’re voting Labour, can you make a donation now? Whatever you can afford – whether it's the price of a cup of coffee, or the cost of a bacon sandwich — will make a difference to the outcome of this election. Thank you.

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We've launched our education manifesto. What will a Labour government do for young people in Britain?

Labour's better plan for education