Information about Leadership and Deputy Leadership elections

Hustings events

The Labour Party will be organising a husting in every region and nation, details can be found here.  Registration opens today, and everyone who has successfully registered will receive a confirmation email.

We will also be filming the first hustings in Stevenage and emailing it to all members the following week for them to watch.

In addition to this, the candidates for leader will be taking part in a series of TV and radio debates. Details below:

Information about the contest

Stakeholders have been sent important information about the contest and their role in it. You can find these papers here:

If you require a new supporting nomination form or have queries you can contact the compliance hotline on 0207 7831 498.


At 5.30pm on Tuesday 9 June, we will post the nominations candidates for Leader and Deputy Leader have received so far at:

We will update the website every day at 12.30pm and 5.30pm until the close of nominations for Leader at 12pm on Monday, 15 June, and Deputy Leader at 12pm on Wednesday, 17 June.

Candidates for Leader and Deputy Leader that receive the nomination of 35 or more MPs will go forward to the ballot.

Supporting Nominations open at 12pm on Tuesday, 9 June.  Every CLP, MEP and Affiliated Organisation has a right to cast a supporting nomination for their preferred candidate. Click here for the CLP Supporting Nomination Guidelines.


Unlike previous leadership elections, this election will be held on a one-person-one-vote basis. There are three sets of people who can vote:

  1. Labour Party members (Join here)

  2. Affiliated supporters — people who’ve signed up as a Labour Party supporter through one of our affiliated organisations or unions (Become an affiliated supporter here)

  3. Registered supporters — people who’ve registered that they support the Labour Party by signing up online and paying a one-off minimum fee of £3 (Become a registered supporter here)

Leadership Conference

The results of the election for Leader of the Labour Party will be declared on Saturday, 12 September. The Leadership Conference will be open to all delegates and ex-officio members already registered for Annual Conference at no extra cost. 

Due to space restrictions, however, delegate and ex-officio members places will only be held if you have registered to attend by Tuesday, 1 September.  If you haven’t already, you can register for annual conference here:

Further questions?

If you have any queries regarding the hustings, please contact your Regional Labour Party Office.  If you have any queries regarding your supporting nomination or any other questions about the elections, please contact the Compliance hotline on 0207 7831 498.

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The Labour Party will be organising a husting in every region and nation.

Information about Leadership and Deputy Leadership elections