Education should be free

This week I set out two costed proposals to scrap tuition fees and restore maintenance grants for students when Labour wins in 2020.

One option is based on slowing the rate of debt reduction, based on Budget projections of rising tax revenues for 2020-21. But just in case Osborne's projections from his first Budget turn out to be as fictitious as last time, we have also set out a second option based on asking corporations and high earners to pay a little bit more. You can see the detail and vote on your preferred option here.

Education is not about personal advancement but is a collective good that benefits our society and our economy. We all benefit from a more educated and skilled workforce.

Earlier this week I also apologised on behalf of our party to the last generation of students for the imposition of fees, top-up fees and the replacement of grants with loans by previous Labour governments. I opposed those changes at the time - as did many other MPs and members - and now we have an opportunity to change course.

There are no student fees in Scotland, Germany and twelve other European countries, I want to bring all UK students into line with that sensible approach. We must make education free across the board, and I will be setting out further steps to do so in the coming days.

I’m proud that so many young people and students have got involved in my campaign, and it is inspiring to see a new generation of people making a change. You can join my campaign too.

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Weekly update from Jeremy Corbyn's campaign.

Education should be free