£130m black hole in the Ministry of Justice budget caused by Government's botched sentencing proposals - Khan

18 September 2012

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan MP, Labour's Shadow Justice Secretary, commenting on today’s National Audit Office report “Restructuring the National Offender Management Services”, said: 

"This report is a damning indictment on the wasted 28 months since this Tory-led Government came into being.   

"The last 28 months have led to a £130 million black hole in the Ministry of Justice budget caused by botched sentencing proposals. The Government's clumsy attempt to fit justice policy around a target to reduce prison numbers simply to save money without taking into account the effect this would have on effective punishment and reform is an insult to the victims of crime and bad policy. Half off sentences for early guilty pleas was nothing to do with good justice, but about slashing costs.   

"What we need to know now is how the Government intends to fill this black hole. Effective punishment and reform of those found guilty of crime needs to be done properly. Cutting corners risks the public losing confidence in the criminal justice system and endangers the safety of communities up and down the country   

"The Tory-led Government is neither providing value for money nor making our communities safer."