Autumn Statement hits women harder than ever - Cooper

5 December 2012

Yvette Cooper

House of Commons library analysis: Women hit four times harder by tax and benefit changes

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, responding to the Autumn Statement, said:

“The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement today hits women harder than ever. House of Commons library analysis shows women will be hit four times harder by the new direct tax, tax credit and benefit changes they have analysed. 

“Despite repeated warnings from women across the country that his budgets are disproportionately impacting women’s incomes, George Osborne and David Cameron keep coming back for more to pay for their failure to get the economy growing. The Government’s blind spot on women is going from bad to worse.

“Working parents will see child tax credits and child benefit cut even further in real terms – on top of the previously announced freezes to Working Tax Credits and childcare cuts. Yet at the same time the Tories are giving thousands of pounds in tax cuts to the richest people in the country.

“Research from the House of Commons Library has shown that 81 per cent of the key additional direct tax, tax credit, and benefit changes today’s Autumn Statement will come from women - that’s £867 million of the £1.065 billion raised. 

“When added together with other changes the Government has already announced, this means women are being hit three times harder than men, by a Cabinet with three times more men than women.

“Women are paying the price for this government’s economic failure  and once again, this out of touch Government has failed to understand the lives of women.”