Douglas Alexander comment on today's meeting of Syrian opposition leaders in London

16 November 2012

Douglas AlexanderDouglas Alexander MP, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, commenting on today's meeting of Syrian opposition leaders in London, said:

“Recent progress made in Doha towards agreeing a formal plan to unite the Syrian opposition is a welcome development.

“Divisions among the Syrian opposition have for too long hindered progress towards agreeing an inclusive transitional plan for a post-Assad Syria.

“The newly formed Syrian National Coalition represents a real opportunity to overcome this impasse. The time has come for the UK to do what France and now Turkey has already done and officially recognise the Syrian National Coalition as the sole legitimate representatives of the Syrian people.

“The correct focus for the UK's efforts in the days ahead must be helping unify the Syrian opposition, not helping arm the Syrian opposition. We should be working not to escalate the conflict but to de-escalate it.”