Douglas Alexander commenting ahead of Cameron's visit today

30 January 2013

Douglas AlexanderDouglas Alexander MP, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, ahead of the Prime Minister’s visit today to the region, warned that we must guard against mission creep in Mali:

“It is right that the British Government promote intelligence sharing and security co-operation in the region but it is much easier to get into conflicts than to get out of them, and it is in no-one’s interest to now see the emergence of ‘Sahelistan’.

“Just days ago the Prime Minister told the House of Commons the British force commitment would number in the tens, yet today we learn it is likely to be in the hundreds.

“During his visit to the region the Prime Minister should be clear about not just the level of British troop commitments, but also give details of their status, provisions for force-protections and intended functions on the ground. We must guard against mission creep in Mali.”